Director: Sebastian Schipper
Producer: Jan Dressler
Monkey Boy, Radical Media

Feature Film

The night is coming to and end. At a club Victoria gets to know four Berlin guys, Sonne, Boxer, Blinker and Fuss. There is an immediate spark between Sonne and Victoria, but the time for romance is soon put to an end, when Sonne and his friends are forced to settle an old debt. When one of the four friends unexpectedly is unable to help out, Victoria steps in as the driver. What started like a big crazy adventure, quickly becomes a nightmare. Nothing goes as planned. As the sun rises, it is all or nothing for Sonne and Victoria. Behind the thriller plot lies a film project as you have not experienced it in Germany before. A journey from night to day in real time, breathless, thrilling and romantic. A film about youth who wants more. About love at first sight. About the wild heartbeat of a big city.

Canon C300PL